We are currently hiring for the following positions:

F&B (Hospitality Associates)

Prep Cook / Line Cook (Part-Time)


About Sea Cider

Sea Cider is a rapidly growing, certified organic farm and award-winning cider producer.  Incorporated in 2004, it was borne from the founder’s desire to build a community-minded business rooted in farming.  At its core, Sea Cider exists to create exceptional cider experiences and to:

  • be a profitable family-owned farm
  • provide high-quality cider and positive experiences for its customers
  • provide a safe and fulfilling work environment for its staff
  • operate as a community-minded, value-driven business

Sea Cider currently has nearly 40 year round employees with annual cider production of over 15,000 cases and growing.  Sea Cider produces several styles of cider – from traditional to innovative – which consistently win awards.  Cider wholesales span Western North America. Locally, Sea Cider is known as one of the region’s top attractions, greeting visitors year round for tours and tastings. The ciderhouse is also a unique agri-chic venue for cider-centric events.

Our work culture embodies many values. We have a sense of humour and a positive outlook; we are kind and conscientious; we are reliable and we value clear systems and procedures; we enjoy collaborating and learning from one another; and we are tenacious in our efforts to consistently produce award-winning cider. Other fundamental values by which we operate include:

  • a respectful, service-oriented approach to everyone;
  • transparency, integrity and honesty; and
  • a desire for meaning and earning more than a pay cheque.


As someone on our team you live and work by these values too.