Seasonal Release: Welcome back Wolf in the Woods!

Dry-Hopped And Botanically Infused With Grand Fir Needles, We Are Excited To Announce The Return Of Wolf In The Woods!

When we first planted hops on the Sea Cider property, little did we know that they have many invasive qualities – spreading by underground rhizomes that can quickly get out of control. As part of the Canadian Invasion Series, Wolf in the Woods was created to continue our awareness campaign surrounding invasive plant species and their impact on farms and natural areas. Sea Cider, itself, is part forest, part farm, and side-by-side they highlight the balanced juxtaposition of agriculture and nature. By combining grand fir needles from Sea Cider’s forest and Pacific Northwest hops, we’ve created a unique union of farmed and foraged. Wolf in the Woods is here to tingle your senses with botanical goodness!

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