Sea Cider Event FAQ


How much does it cost to hold a Wedding at Sea Cider?

It depends! Pricing varies according to the day of the week and the time of year. 2020 weddings start at $2300 + tax.

Are Taxes included?

All prices are subject to GST unless otherwise stated. 

What about Gratuities?

Gratuities for service staff are included in the base price of a Sea Cider wedding. Also, gratuities left by your guests during your reception are collected by Sea Cider and returned to you following your Wedding as a contribution to your “honeymoon fund”!

What is included in the price?

Lots! The following is included in our pricing:

Facilities and Equipment Included

  • Our “Forest Stumpery” for your Ceremony, our Orchard Patio for a post ceremony Cider Toast and our Pavilion for your Dinner and Reception
  • Complimentary parking, including overnight parking, in the interest of safe driving
  • Before your ceremony, our “Mirror Room” wedding suite where you and your wedding party may prepare in privacy and comfort, and our Mezzanine where your wedding party may gather
  • Time in the Orchard and Forest on the day of your Wedding for photos before your Ceremony if you choose
  • Seating for your guests and a signing table and chairs for your Ceremony
  • Tables and chairs and a speaker’s podium for your Dinner and Reception
  • Catering facilities for your chosen caterer
  • Glassware for all your beverages (champagne, cocktails, wine, beer, sodas, water, coffee, tea, and of course, cider!)
  • Our speaker system that will allow you to play music playlists indoors via Sea Cider’s music streaming account
  • Access to our event planning software to customize your floor plans and keep track of your Wedding details
  • Storage for your decor the day of, the day before, and the day after your Wedding

Staffing Included

  • Coordination time with our Events Team in the weeks leading up to your Wedding
  • A one hour Rehearsal the day before your Wedding staffed by our Events Team
  • On the day of your event, a Day of Coordinator, Event Host and Beverage Service Staff
  • Note that gratuities are included in the event price

Access, Last Call, Last Dance and Departure Times*

  • 5pm to 11pm: guest access
  • 3pm onward: access for the wedding party, Photographer, Caterer, Decorators, and DJs/Musicians
  • 10:15pm last call
  • 10:30pm music and dancing conclude
  • 11:00pm last guest has departed
  • Midnight all vendors and staff have departed
  • Please note that the public have until 4:30pm to complete their tastings and purchases in the Tasting Room

* Note that times and inclusions described above are for “5pm to 11pm” weddings (six hours of guest time on site). Times and inclusions are adjusted for shorter events (e.g.  “ceremony only” weddings) or receptions only. Please speak to your Event Sales Specialist for details!

Beverages Included

  • Cider for a post-ceremony toast for you and your guests (restrictions apply)
  • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages (coffee, tea, apple juice and artisan sodas)
  • A complimentary short flight of cider each for you and your partner on your wedding anniversary each year

Client to Provide

  • Officiant
  • Décor
  • Catering
  • Music
  • Cocktail ingredients, mix and garnishes
  • A Special Event Permit (if applicable) and the alcohol you wish to serve in SEP areas. Note that Sea Cider’s “lounge licence” application for the Pavilion is awaiting final approval from Liquor Control. Until its approval, all unlicenced areas such as the Pavilion require a Special Event Permit in order to serve alcohol. Only cider may be served in the Tasting Room.

How many guests can we have at our Wedding?

Sea Cider’s Wedding Package is based on 80 people. Final numbers are confirmed two weeks before your Wedding. Your Wedding may exceed 80 people, but should not exceed the following limits:

  •  The Ciderhouse: Up to 77 people. Note that the Deck may accommodate additional guests with prior approval.
  •  The Pavilion: Up to 130 people
  • The Stumpery and Orchard patio: Seating for 110, plus standing room for an additional 20 people

Are children counted at guests?

Yes. This is to ensure that we do not exceed our capacity, which is set by the Fire Department. For emergency purposes, we need a total guest count, including children; however, we do not charge for children under the age of two.

Can I bring my pet to my Wedding? 

Absolutely! We are a pet friendly property. Dogs on leash are welcome, as are Client horses supervised by a professional trainer and kept to specific locations on the Property. We do not allow rented animals (camels, elephants, raptors, etc).

Will our reception be in the Tent or Pavilion? 

Our Event Tent has been replaced by our new Pavilion, a stunning, all-weather space available year round. 


What is a typical Wedding Timeline at Sea Cider?

Below is a sample timeline:

  • Wedding party access to Mirror Room & Mezzanine
  • Catering access to catering facilities 
  • Decorator and DJ access to Stumpery, Orchard Patio and Pavilion
  • (Optional) Photo shoot access to orchard and forest
  • Guest access to Stumpery
  • Ceremony commences
  • Cider toast on the Orchard Patio
  • Couple invited to take photos in the orchard and forest
  • The Pavilion bar opens
  • Guests invited to sit for dinner
  • Dinner service begins
  • Speeches conclude and dessert is served
  • First Dance
  • Last Call
  • Last Dance
  • Grand Departure and guest shuttle departure
  • Last guest has departed
  • All vendors and staff have departed

When is my rehearsal and what happens at it? 

Rehearsals are one hour and scheduled when the ciderhouse is closed to the public, usually the Day before your Ceremony. You and your partner, your wedding party, Officiant, and members of Sea Cider’s Event Team will meet to run through your Ceremony to ensure it will all go smoothly.

Can I leave decor and other items overnight?

Certainly! We ask that leftover decor, rental items, etc. be retrieved between 9am and 11am the following day.

What time should I tell my guests to arrive? 

We have a firm guest arrival time of 5:00 PM to allow sufficient time for Sea Cider staff to transition from daytime operations to evening events. Guests proceed directly to the ceremony location on arrival, unless you have made arrangements for a pre-ceremony reception (additional charges apply). 

Can guests arrive early for a glass of cider? 

We discourage event guests from consuming alcohol prior to the wedding ceremony.

Can we start earlier?

Earlier access times are occasionally possible, but additional fees apply; ask your Event Sales Specialist for details.

How late can we stay?

Here at Sea Cider we are careful that our operations do not create undue noise which would disturb our neighbours. For Clients wishing to continue their celebrations off-site, there are options! Ask your Event Sales Specialist for details.

What are some after hour venue options?

There are several choices in Victoria, including:

The Copper Owl

  • e.

  • t. 778 265 1774

Capital Ballroom

  • e.

  • t. 250 920 9950


  • t. 250 388 5824

  • e. 

  • Veneto
  • t. 250 383 7310
  • e.

Can cars be left overnight? 

Parking for up to 30 vehicles is included in your Wedding Package, as well as specially designated space for buses and over-sized vehicles. In the interest of safe driving, vehicles may be left overnight, and we are happy to help arrange taxis at the end of evening. Vehicles left on-site overnight must be retrieved the next morning. Due to public access during the day, RV’s and campers are not permitted to stay overnight. 

Where can my shuttle drop-off and pick-up guests? 

Your guest shuttle will drop off and pick up guests by the fire hydrant at the edge of the forest.

Can we stay for a cider tasting after our Rehearsal? 

Absolutely! A rehearsal tasting can be scheduled in advance; additional charges apply. 

Does Sea Cider have ceremony only or reception only options?

Yes! Please ask one of our Event Sales Specialists for details. We do allow for separate ceremonies or receptions, as well as early morning weddings. Daytime events must work around our regular operations, which run daily from 8am to 5pm. 


How do we book our Event?

In order to book an Event, the following are required:

  • Payment of the Booking Fee
  • Signed Proposal with Event Terms & Conditions

The booking fee may be paid by credit card, debit, e-transfer, cheque or cash

What is the payment schedule?

The payment timeline is as follows:

  • 20% of Quote at the time of booking

  • 60% of Quote, 12 weeks before event

  • 20% (or remaining balance), 4 weeks before event

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations are rare, but if a Client must cancel an event, a portion of payments are retained by Sea Cider to help offset costs and lost revenue. If a Client cancels their event more than three months before the event, Sea Cider will retain the 50% of the booking fee. If the cancellation is between one to three months before the event, Sea Cider will retain 100% of the booking fee and 50% of the “12 week payment”. If the cancellation is less than four weeks before the event, Sea Cider will retain 100% of the booking fee, 100% of the “12 week payment” and 50% of the “4 week payment”.

If Sea Cider cancels or changes the date of an Event: Sea Cider will offer alternative event options, dates, discounts and logistics to support a successful Event. Each situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable notice to the Client. Sea Cider will repay 100% of the payments received by the Client if an alternative date cannot be agreed to.

Do we need to buy insurance?

Sea Cider recommends that you purchase wedding insurance and can provide an application through our insurance provider. This additional insurance covers you for cancellation expenses, honeymoon cancellation, loss of deposits, wedding photographs and videos, loss or damage to wedding attire, wedding presents, rings, cake and flowers, wedding stationary and property rental damages, as well as liability insurance for any injuries or accidents. Should you can choose to forgo additional insurance at your own risk, Sea Cider is not responsible for damages or loss of deposits.


What beverages can I have at my Wedding?

Beer, wine, cider and champagne are allowed at your Wedding, as well as spirits for a signature cocktail (shots and shooters are not permitted). U-brew and U-vin beverages are permitted under a Special Event Permit, subject to limitations set out by Liquor Control.

All alcohol on the Property must be obtained and served in accordance with the Liquor Control and Licensing Act of British Columbia and applicable licences. Only Sea Cider staff may serve alcohol at your Wedding.

Alcohol may only be served and consumed in designated licenced areas (refer to our Liquor Licencing Map). Guests may be served cider in an unlicensed area if they are of legal drinking age and part of a guided tour (restrictions apply). If you would like other alcohol to be served in an unlicenced area (e.g. the Orchard), you must obtain a Special Event Permit (refer to our SEP Instructions). If you will be drinking alcohol at your Wedding you will need to transfer this responsibility to another person who is not planning on drinking (refer to our SEP Transfer Authorization Form). The SEP application process is inexpensive and straightforward; a member of Sea Cider’s Event Team will provide guidance on the process. Alcohol served in an SEP designated area may not be taken into other licenced or unlicenced areas of Sea Cider.

Your Wedding Package includes cider for a toast per Liquor Control’s tour regulations, as well as coffee, tea and soda; you will need to other beverages, as well as cocktail ingredients, mix and garnishes.  (Soda included in the Event Package is not available for cocktails).

What will the cider selection be at our Wedding? 

We will offer you a selection of ciders, based on the season and availability. Some limited release ciders may only be available if purchased in advance. Sea Cider will take into consideration cider requests but cannot guarantee full availability.

Can we have bottles of wine on the table at dinner?

Sea Cider needs to be able to monitor guest consumption of alcohol as per the Liquor Licensing Act. Accordingly, bottles of wine may not be left on the tables, but our staff will come around and pour wine at the tables. 

Can we do a cash bar, such as a toonie bar?

Yes! Whether for the entire reception or a portion of the evening, you may wish for guests to pay for their drinks. Our staff will take care of serving guests and collecting payment (guests are expected to pay with cash, and you will need to provide a float and designate a guest to take the cash at the end of the Event). 

What happens to the “cash” at the cash bar?

When guests pay for drinks at an “SEP” licenced bar, Sea Cider collects this money on behalf of the Client and applies 100% of the amount collected to any outstanding balance on the account.  Any funds remaining after full payment of the Event is refunded to the client.


What are my options for catering and food service?

Sea Cider works exclusively with: Food for Thought Catering, Truffles Catering, and Toque Catering. If you would like to receive sample menus and quotes for all three caterers, you can simply fill out this form:

All our catering partners offer outstanding customer service, a wide range of pricing options, and are able to work with your menu preferences and dietary restrictions.  You work directly with your chosen catering partner to ensure that the planning process is as efficient as possible.

Can I bring my own dessert?

Yes! You are more than welcome to bring in your own wedding cake or desserts made by family, friends or other vendors.  You will need to communicate with your chosen caterer to ensure details such as cake cutting, plates, napkins etc. are all taken care of. 


Can I have items delivered to Sea Cider? 

Yes! Items such as cake, chairs, flowers, etc. may be delivered during your Rehearsal or on the day of your Wedding. Be advised there is little fridge space available for storage at Sea Cider. The timing of deliveries must be confirmed in advance with a member of Sea Cider’s Event Team. 

How much storage space do you have? Do we have to take everything home at the end of the night?

We provide an unlocked outdoor storage container to store any leftover liquor, décor etc. which can be left overnight and picked up the next morning between 9am and 11am. We are happy to store items for you, but Sea Cider is not responsible for anything left on the premises overnight or not picked up within the designated time. Storage is limited to one shelving unit per client, therefore we recommend viewing the storage space before dropping off supplies. Access to the container is not always supervised by our service team, and the storage container is shared by other clients. 

Who provides the decorations and who decorates?

Sea Cider staff are responsible for the setup and takedown of Event equipment supplied by Sea Cider; i.e. tables, chairs, bar, etc., while decorating and decor are your responsibility. Decor is to be provided, set up, and removed by you, your family, friends and/or a decorator. Any decor requiring hanging or a ladder must be done by a licensed decorator with liability insurance. The time to decorate your ceremony space and reception space is included in your Wedding Package. You may request additional time, in which case extra charges will apply.

Can I bring an Arbour for my ceremony? 

Yes! Arbours can make a beautiful addition to the patio or forest space, however, due to limited storage space and our other operations, your arbour will need to be set up and removed per our Access times noted above.

Can we have a bouncy castle at our event?

Sadly, we must say no to this type of request (the same goes for trampolines, elephant rides, tractor pulls and similar activities that might disturb the neighbours or risk causing injury). Sea Cider reserves the right to refuse event access or participation of any Third Party Vendor or Supplier if, in the opinion of Sea Cider Management, there is an undue risk of excessive noise, property damage or injury. We want everyone to stay safe!

Who cleans up?

We do! Sea Cider staff will take care of the property clean-up, tables and chairs, while you are  responsible for taking all personal belonging and décor with you, either at the end of the evening or the next morning. This includes all arbours, furniture, flowers, décor, cake, signage, liquor, etc. Sea Cider may charge additional clean-up fees if staff are left to tend to your belongings.

Can the guests throw confetti during our send off? 

Due to the requirements of Sea Cider’s organic certification on the property, we cannot allow any confetti, rice, sprinkles, glitter or synthetic flower petals to be thrown or placed on the ground.

Are we allowed to have a sparkler send off?  

Definitely! A sparkler send off is a great option and is permitted on the gravel areas near the Pavilion. Appoint someone from your wedding party to be in charge of the “sparkler send off” and some helpers to wrangle the guests to the area. Sea Cider will provide lighters and a couple of metal pails filled with water to put the hot sparklers in.

Are sky lanterns or fireworks permitted? 

Due to fire hazards and bylaws, neither sky lanterns nor fireworks are allowed. 

Can we have candles? 

Candles are permitted in the Pavilion, provided the flame is completely contained within the jar, votive, etc. Due to the high risk of fire, no candles, flames or fire sources are permitted in the forest or orchard. Permission to use candles is also subject to Fire Department rules, which may prohibit their use from time to time. Consult with a member of Sea Cider’s Event Team for current rules and options.

Do our tables require linens and does Sea Cider provide them?

We do not provide linens, however you can easily order them through your chosen caterer or rent them elsewhere. Our harvest tables do not require tablecloths, but we recommend them for our plastic tables if used.

How many barrels are available? 

Sea Cider keeps barrels in the Stumpery, on the Orchard Patio and in the Pavilion. These barrels are included in your Wedding Package as part of your Floor Plans. As they are fragile, moving the barrels is not recommended and extra charges may apply. 

What kind of seating is available?

  • For outdoor ceremonies: Up to 40 wooden benches and several wooden chairs
  • For indoor ceremonies: Up to 80 galvanized metal chairs
  • For your dinner and reception: Up to 130 galvanized metal chairs and up to 12 large antique oak chairs. 

Note that for Weddings larger than 80 people seating may be combined but chairs may not perfectly match.

What size tables does Sea Cider provide?

  • Five long wooden harvest tables which can seat up to 14 guests (6 guests per side and 1 on each end). Dimensions are 12ft x 3ft.  These do not require linen.
  • Ten short wooden harvest tables which can seat up to 8 guests (3 guests per side and 1 on each end). Dimensions are 6ft x 3ft.  These do not require linen.
  • Six round plastic tables which can seat up to 9 guests. Dimensions are 5ft in diameter. These require linen (the 120cm rounds of linen will touch the ground)
  • Ten rectangular plastic tables which can seat up to 6 people (3 per side). Dimensions are 6ft x 3ft. These require  linen. These are used primarily for the head table, bar, DJ table and buffet.
  • Four wooden bistro tables which can seat 4 guests. Dimensions are 35″ in diameter. These are used for your signing table, audio visual equipment, sweetheart table, favor or cake table. These do not require linen.

What are the dimensions of the New Pavilion?

The Main Hall in the new Pavilion will be 36’ wide and 55’ long.  The Pavilion also contains a men’s washroom, women’s washroom, accessible washroom, and a small Service Galley.


Do you have a sound system?

Sea Cider’s Wedding Package includes Sonos speakers in the Tasting Room and Pavilion, which are able to run music playlists using Spotify.  You can create your own Spotify playlist, make it public, and our staff can simply hit play for dancing. For the forest, there is no power. Fully charged wireless speakers work well for this space, or live acoustic music.

Do you have a PA system or microphone?  What about a screen for a slideshow?

Sea Cider does not have microphones, projectors or screens, however that service can be provided by a DJ or other 3rd party vendor. 

Do you allow DJ’s and/or live music?

Yes! Sea Cider has pre-approved bands and DJ’s on our Recommended Vendors List. Volume levels must be controllable, and out of respect for our neighbours, percussion instruments are not permitted. Music vendors that are not on our preferred vendors list must sign our Entertainment Agreement.

How late can we play music? 

Music, whether live or recorded, must move indoors by 9:00 PM and must conclude by 10:30 PM in accordance with our Good Neighbour Policy.

What is your “Good Neighbour Policy”?

At Sea Cider, we are mindful that our farm may have both positive and negative impacts on our neighbours. We believe that a Good Neighbour Policy starts with respect; respect for our neighbours is a key consideration in operations across all aspects of our business. Some highlights of our Good Neighbour Policy include:

  • Music must be moved indoors by 9pm, and windows and doors must be kept closed after 9pm to contain any noise.
  • Sound checks must be conducted at 9pm to confirm event noise decibel levels are not detectable above traffic noise levels.
  • Last call is at 10:15pm, event guests must depart by 11pm, and all vendors and staff must depart by midnight.
  • Evening event guests must leave by the south door.
  • Evening event guests, staff and suppliers are reminded not to loiter in the parking lot and to depart as quietly as possible.
  • Group transportation is required for evening events greater than 100 people. Shuttle buses are asked to pick up passengers away from the neighbours.
  • Parking for evening events is in the forest away from the neighbours. 
  • All entertainment suppliers (DJ’s, musicians) must sign an Entertainment Waiver confirming that they support our Good Neighbour Policy and will not perform in a way that will disturb the neighbours.
  • Drum sets are not permitted.
  • Amplified music is not permitted in the orchard.

What is a SOCAN fee and do we have to pay?

SOCAN is the “Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada”. They administer the communication and performing rights of virtually the world’s entire repertoire of copyright protected music when used in Canada.  All establishments are legally obligated to charge a SOCAN royalty where music is played. This fee is included your Wedding Package; Sea Cider pays SOCAN directly. 


What can we expect on a working farm?

Sea Ciders’ primary focus as a business is organic farming. During the day, noise and dust from farm equipment can be a regular occurrence. During the evenings and on weekends, work is suspended to allow our guests and neighbours some quiet time. Nonetheless, there can be hazards (e.g. hoses, fallen branches, wasps etc.) and production equipment is stored adjacent to, or within sight of our event areas. 

When are the apple trees in bloom? 

Flowering season is very weather dependent, but the orchard generally blooms April through May.

When are the apples ripe?

Harvest begins in late August and continues through to the end of October.