Sea Cider Making a Splash at L.A. Ciderfest

We’re super happy with the work our California distributor, Mark McTavish of Half Pint Ciders, is doing down in sunny California. Sea Cider was released in the market earlier this year and we have been very impressed by the work they’ve done getting good craft cider on the shelves of local liquor stores in the Golden State.

In a recent article in LA Weekly, Mark talks about the California cider scene, his ciders, and L.A’s first Cider Fest.

Cider is popular here, especially popular with health seekers and the gluten-free crowd. “L.A. is the largest market for cider in the U.S., based on sales volume,” McTavish says. “Shocking to many, but it’s true.” That market volume represents commercial cider varieties that taste more like liquid Jolly Ranchers than apples, but McTavish is confident that more artisanal beverages will find their audience.

– Via LA Weekly

Mark will be pouring Sea Cider at L.A. Ciderfest on September, 19th from 1-9pm. If you’re in the area, be sure to check it out.

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