On the Farm: We’re Picking Apples!

So long summer – it’s apple season!DSC_9777

Picking apples at Sea Cider is an all-hands-on-deck kind of affair. This year, our little orchard is just loaded with apples. Almost everything you’ll see here are heirloom varietals of French and English bittersharps and bittersweets.

They may not be the biggest and best looking apples, but to us they are beautiful for their ample tannins, high astringency and bittersweet/bittersharp characteristics coveted for making craft cider. These little beauties are Chisel Jerseys – an apple discovered in Somerset in the 19th Century.

We’re lucky the harvest is early, we almost entirely sold out of Wild English & Bittersweet – both of which use apples exclusively grown right here on the farm. We’ll pick them, squish them and start fermenting the juice as soon as we can.

That’s it for now – we’ve got to get back to the harvest!