On the Farm: Harvest 2018 is a Wrap!

This year was an exceptional year for Vancouver Island apple growers! We are
overwhelmed with the amount of support we saw come through from our community
this year. We either bought or traded over 50,000 lbs of back yard apples, which in
turn, doubles the amount of apples we have seen brought in to us in previous years!
That’s 50,000 lbs of apples just from the Greater Victoria area that possible could have
gone to waste, but will now be turned into our community cider, Kings & Spies. As

many of you know, proceeds from the sales of Kings & Spies also goes to supporting
the efforts done by Growing Chef, a program which educates BC families about
growing and preparing healthy food.

Our own harvest was also a huge success, our small production team has worked
endlessly over the past couple months milling and pressing all of our own apples,
plus, all of the crowdsourced apples. Now the days are starting to get shorter, the
hormones begin to tell the trees to stop growing and the orchard begins to go into a
dormant state for the rest of the winter.

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