We Welcome Some Feathered Friends To Our Farm

Five new chicks are settling into life on the Sea Cider farm!

We are all very excited to introduce our newest additions to the farm; five 13-week old chicks. They are still quite young, and not quite fully grown, but are settling into their new home and we anticipate that they will start laying eggs in about 6-weeks!

There are a few different reasons why we decided to bring in a small flock of chickens to the farm. The biggest reason is that they help us to promote a sustainable little ecosystem by becoming the catalysts of a holistic waste system. The chickens eat our organic food scraps (eventually becoming chicken manure), which we turn into a nutrient-dense compost that can be used to fertilize our soil in the orchard. They will also provide us with organic chicken eggs, snack on potentially harmful insects, and are cute enough to bring a smile to any face. Katy, our farm coordinator, has built them a multi-layer coop attached to a covered run, allowing them space to run around while protected from the elements and potential predators.

The gals:

Name: Quinte
Breed: Light Brahma  – This breed is known for their quiet and tame nature, tolerance to the cold, and the fluffy feathers on their feet. She will lay about 3 medium-sized brown eggs per-week.

Name: Golden Delicious (Goldie for short)
Breed: Buff Orpington– The personality for chickens of this breed is generally friendly, calm and patient. Like the Light Brahmas, she is quite cold-hearty due to her fluffy plumage. This little lady will lay 3 large brown eggs each week once she reaches maturity.

Name: Hidden Rose (Rose for short)
Breed: Speckled Sussex– This lovely hen is likely to get even lovelier with age, as chickens in this breed tend to become more speckled with each molt. The breed is known to be curious, confident, mellow and easily handled. Once she reaches adulthood, she will be laying about four large tinted or light brown eggs every week.

Name: Wolf River (Wolf for short)
Breed: Ameraucana– This chicken is particularly special due to the colour of the eggs she will be laying! Once maturity is reached, she will be providing 3 medium-sized light blue eggs perweek.

Name: Juliana
Breed: Silver-Laced Wyandotte– This breed has a very pretty plumage. Their personality is noted to be easygoing with a “tendency toward domination”. Perhaps we can expect her to find her way to the top of the pecking order. These gals are very good egg layers, at 4 large brown eggs to be expected per week.

Visit our tasting room, take a walk down to the entrance of the forest, and say hello to the chicks!