Upcoming Release: Get to Know our Perry!

Get to know the Sea Cider Perry

Product Name: Perry150115 - Perry
Size: 750 mL
Alcohol: 6.5% alc./vol.

Product Description:
A rare drink from a secret orchard. Vancouver Island perry pears have produced this exquisitely dry sparkler, combining classic English style with Vancouver Island’s pioneering roots. Raise a glass of Sea Cider to the perry of our past!

The Story Behind Black Perry:
Sea Cider’s Perry is made with true perry pears – a type of pear grown only for crafting Perry – a drink found only in northern France and Britain. Several years ago a heritage perry orchard was discovered a few miles from Sea Cider. A few dozen fifty-foot pear trees stand majestically and are all that remain on what was once acres of farmland. Since then Sea Cider has picked these heritage pears every year to produce a small batch of perry in the traditional Herefordshire style. Fermented with champagne yeast, the hard tannins soften during fermentation to produce this delicately nuanced drink.

Suggested Food Pairings:
Grilled salmon, shellfish, creamy pasta, Thai green curry, samosas, fried foods (fish & chips, spring rolls, french fries), fresh salads, mild cheeses.

Tasting Notes:
Clear, light straw in colour, gently effervescent, bright
Aromas/Flavours: Pear drops, pear juice
Acid/Sweetness: Dry but with hint of perry’s natural unfermentable sugars to balance the acidity
Mouth feel: Lightly tannic, sharp

Available in select retailers starting February 1st! Supply is limited!

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