Seasonal Release: Witch’s Broom is Back!

Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble – Witch’s Broom is back with a bouquet of fall spices that will send you over the pumpkin patch!


It’s true, everyone’s favorite fall seasonal cider is back! Witch’s Broom continues the Canadian Invasion Series theme of building awareness around invasive plants that are a threat to farms and natural areas alike. On the West Coast, well known botanical invaders include: ‘Rosa Rugosa’, ‘Scotch Broom’ and ‘Himalayan Blackberry’, a cousin of native ‘Trailing Blackberry’. Witch’s Broom aims to raise funds and awareness around the terrifying takeover of Scotch Broom on the West Coast. As a fall seasonal, Witch’s Broom delivers a delightful dose of fall-inspired spices and is the aromatic accomplice at a gathering of friends or family on a crisp fall evening.

Available now at select taphouses & private liquor stores across BC, Alberta & Washinton State!

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