Seasonal Release: Wassail is Here!

As we welcome fall and see winter rapidly approaching, we are pleased to announce the upcoming seasonal release, Wassail!

Wassail is a winter warming cider that embodies the tradition of drinking and singing to the health of the orchard. This 14% abv apple cider, spiced with orange peel and cloves will keep you warm all night long. Drink it mulled and warm or cold and crisp!

“Here’s to thee, old apple-tree,
Whence thou may’st bud, and whence thou may’st blow,
And whence thou may’st bear apples enow
Hats full! caps full!
Bushel-bushel-sacks full,
And my pockets full, too, huzza!”

Wassail will be hitting the shelves of your favourite premium liquor store around November 11th. Learn more about Wassail, here.