Sea Cider Invites Everyone to Apple Day! Sunday, Sept. 30

Sea Cider presents its annual Apple Day – an open house filled with fun, tours, music, food and, of course, cider! Bring the family!
September 30 is the annual Sea  Cider Apple Day where visitors  can come  to enjoy the organic orchard and join in appreciation of the apple at harvest time. From food to cider & sparkling apple juice, there is plenty to nibble and sip.  Truffles and  Food For Thought will be on site offering delicious food options to try. The BC Fruit Testers are on hand to answer all questions regarding identifying and caring for fruit trees. LifeCycles will be here to talk about their community Fruit Tree Project and their partnership with Sea Cider.  There will be entertainment throughout the afternoon,  showcasing the  The Moonshiners. Come and join us for a great afternoon of  sipping , nibbling, and listening to music while overlooking the orchard and the ocean.