Sea Cider Brings Home Best In Class from Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition ? (GLINTCAP)

Wild English brings home the top spot in the Traditional Cider- Dry category at GLINTCAP 2018 – Best in Class Awards!


The 13th Annual Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition, was held May 16th-19th, 2018 in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. This competition is the largest cider competition in the world, and it has grown to accommodate more than 1,200 entries from 10+ different countries since the competitions debut in 2005.

The founders of GLINTCAP‘s mission is to “consistently raise the caliber of cider as a category” as described by cider writer Darlene Hayes. This is made very clear by the level of judging at the competition. More than 90 judges took on the job of evaluating the ‘blinded’ flights – done to avoid bias of professional and non-professional entrants. The judges are required to partake in a sensory and palate training program the night before the competition, guiding them through which notes they should (and should not) be finding in the ciders. The judges go on to write a detailed evaluation of each cider, as the organizers value the importance of communicating this feedback, helping to further grow and refine the industry.

Sea Cider was thrilled to, once again, be a part of this event- and even more thrilled to take home our very first Best In Class! Read more about Wild English, here.


Here’s a full list of our awards from the competition:

Wild English – Traditional Cider- Dry
Best in Class- 1st place

For a full list of awards, visit the GLINTCAP website.