Our Temperance Series is Here – Meet Temperance Eden!

You may have heard some rumblings about our non-alcoholic cider. We are excited to share that we are launching our Temperance Series! Our Temperance Series consists of non-alcoholic ciders free of added sugars, preservatives and sulphites. We will be expanding the series and will offer different flavours so keep watching for new updates! ⁠

We’d like to introduce you to Temperance Eden. Eden’s tangy, tongue-tingling goodness comes from 100% pure juice with no added sweetener. Our Temperance Series of juices reminds us of “wellness” in the physical, mental and spiritual sense. It is about living a balanced life, and nurturing ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. As individuals, we each have unique approaches and aspirations, including our own views of what it means to live a balanced life. Our Temperance Series invites us to strive for a personal harmony that feels authentic, and reminds us to be open to simple pleasures, large and small, that bring colour and joy to our world. When we find ourselves feeling anxious in a hectic, chaotic world, we are reminded of the things that truly matter.⁠

With wellness in mind we are excited to partner with the Family Caregivers Network of BC to support through the sales of our Temperance Series and look forward to sharing more about this very soon. ⁠

Temperance Eden can be ordered through our online store and will be available in select retailers soon.