New Release – Take a stroll down Cherry Lane!

Introducing our newest cider, Cherry Lane! Victoria is known for its cherry trees for good reason – their blossoms herald the beginning of spring as they festoon city boulevards. With Cherry Lane, we raise a glass to their less showy cousins – Bitter Cherry, Choke Cherry and Pin Cherry – all native to BC. As part of our Canadian Invasion Series, proceeds from Cherry Lane draw attention to invasive species and the threat they pose to farms and natural areas. 




The Story

Cherry Lane continues with the Canadian Invasion Series theme of building awareness around invasive plants which are a threat to farms and natural areas alike. The Cherry Blossom trees in Victoria are non-native species gifted to the city and are praised for their beautiful blossoms by locals and visitors alike. British Columbia is also home to many native varieties of cherries, such as the Bitter Cherry, Choke Cherry and Pin Cherry, as well as several cherry species cultivated by farmers on Vancouver Island. 

As the poet Kobayashi Issa once wrote, “In the cherry blossom’s shade there’s no such thing as a stranger.” If so, there’s no better way to make new friends than over a glass (or two) of Cherry Lane.

How We Make This Cider

To craft Cherry Lane we slowly ferment juice from British Columbia apples to dryness using champagne yeast. The resulting cider is aged in our stainless steel fermentation tanks. Finally, just before bottling, we add a dosage of sweet cherry and sour cherry juice sourced from our farming friends on the Saanich Peninsula.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Deep rose with amber notes

Aromas/Flavours: Cherries and apple skins

Acidity and Sweetness: semi-sweet, balanced with sour cherry acidity

Mouth feel: gently effervescent, smooth with minimal tannins, long finish

Suggested Food Pairings: Cherry Lane pairs well with darker meats such as roast duck or venison. For dessert try it with a dense chocolate cake or traditional cheesecake.