New organic Hyslop mini-orchard!

Thomas is hard at work today in our new organic Hyslop mini-orchard. Hyslop is a type of crabapple and for those of you who are familiar with Pomona, you understand the importance of this varietal. The Hyslop crab originated well before 1850 around the Boston area and for well over 100 years, it was very well known and commonly grown. Although crabapple aficionados all know the apple, in recent times it has been mostly forgotten and therefore more challenging to find. We are excited to add these 14 Hyslop trees to our organic orchard and hope to have an estate-grown Pomona one day!⁠ Coming back later this spring – Pomona is a dessert-style cider, handcrafted by freezing and slowly fermenting Hyslop crabs. ⁠Learn more about Pomona.