Limited Release: It’s Ginger Perry!

As part of our Barrel Series, we are excited to announce the return of Ginger Perry!

Spices such as ginger were prized by early European explorers. Finding new routes to source these spices led to Cabot’s voyage of discovery in 1497 and Victoria’s early tea culture. Sea Cider pays homage to our seafaring ancestors with Ginger Perry. As part of our Barrel Series, gin barrels and ginger are used to infuse our Ginger Perry with zesty notes that compliment the sweetness and bright acidity of British Columbia pears. Raise a glass of Sea Cider to the spice trade!

Ginger Perry is the newest addition to the Sea Cider Barrel Series. As the name suggests, the Barrel Series contains ciders that have traditionally been influenced by oak aging methods with the addition of spirits, and yielding ciders with higher ABV’s (12-14%). Oak barrels have been used in cidermaking for centuries, imparting a variety of  complex aromatics and flavours, depending on the oak being used.

Available at your favourite local, private liquor stores across Greater Victoria starting the week of February 4th & Vancouver/ Lower Mainland as well as the Tasting Room starting the week of February 11th!

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