Introducing Sea Cider’s New Labels

We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our updated labels!Untitled

Based on feedback from our growing customer base we’ve been carefully updating the look of our packaging starting with our most recent limited releases. This has given us a moment to test the packaging changes with our most important stakeholders – our customers! As we get into 2015, we will move completely to the updated look with new clean white sticker labels on every bottle of Sea Cider.

Why make any change? The inquisitive mind might ask…

Well, we had the following in mind when updating the labels:

  • Help our consumers find Sea Cider on the shelves
  • Present the product in a clean, organic way
  • Improve our responsiveness to customer demand

These influences considered, our number one goal is always to continue to serve our customers as best we can…

It’s service through cider!


We’re very excited to see a row of all white labelling on the shelves of your favourite store! We hope that you like the direction of the new labelling and please bear with us as we transition between the two types of packaging.

Join us as we raise a glass to a new look in 2015 and beyond!