Introducing Black Applejack – Get to Know Our Newest Dessert Cider

It’s been a little while since we released a new dessert cider but we’re absolutely certain that Black Applejack is worth the wait!

This new fortified cider pays homage to the age old method of ‘jacking’ a cider base into a cider eau de vie. By combining the resulting cider spirit with Vancouver Island Blackberries, we’ve created a sinfully delicious port-style, fortified cider.

Get to know Black Applejack

Product Name: Black Applejack
Size: 375 mL
Alcohol: 17% alc./vol.blackapplejack

Product Description:
Inspired by the moonshining methods of the American colonial period, Black Applejack mixes hard cider with cider eau de vie and a dosage of sun-kissed blackberry sweetness. Succulent, smooth, and sinful, we raise a glass of Black Applejack to revolutionary cider!

The Story Behind Black Applejack:
Black Applejack pays tribute to the age old method of ‘jacking’ or distilling pressed apples into a cyder spirit. Completed through either freeze distillation or evaporative distillation, the resulting spirit was lovingly referred to as Applejack – a strong alcoholic beverage made popular in the American colonial period. We create our Black Applejack by pressing and fermenting apples to create a dry cider base. By partnering with a local Vancouver Island micro distiller we are able to evaporate this cider into an eau de vie. We then blend and age this cider eau de vie with Vancouver Island blackberries and additional cider to create a port-style, fortified blackberry cider.

The result is a delicious expression of sun-kissed blackberry sweetness – as sweet as it is tangy, with minimal tannins and a long smooth finish.

Suggested Food Pairings:
Best enjoyed with dessert. Try with cheese cake, brownies or dark chocolate.

Tasting Notes:
Appearance: Vermilion
Aromas/Flavours: Berries, ripe blackberry with hints green apple
Acid/Sweetness: Balanced, intense concentration of sweetness and acidity
Mouth feel: Still, sweet, viscous, rich, long warm finish

Black Applejack is primarily available in our tasting room and select liquor stores.