Coming Soon: Sea Cider Perry!

Extra! Extra! Sea Cider Perry is coming soon!

Fermentation is well underway with the 2015 vintage of Sea Cider Perry. We’re going to DSC_5142have it bottled and on the shelves of your favourite private liquor store in early April!

So, what makes our Perry so special? Well, it’s made from traditional perry pears grown a few miles from our farm. This North Saanich perry orchard is a rare find containing around a dozen standard size perry trees that are around 80 years old. The orchard was discovered by a member of the BC Fruit Testers Association in 2009 and we were thrilled when the owner was keen to let us purchase and harvest the fruit yearly!

We’re constantly amazed that the orchard was never cut down – perry pears aren’t good for anything but making perry. They are tannic and russeted and essentially useless in a culinary sense. 

Every year we take a work party out to the orchard and harvest the pears the old fashioned way. While the fruit may not be big, beautiful or delicious, we love them for their ample tannins and classic character they impart for making real old world Perry!

This years run will be very limited with only around 70 cases. Ask for it starting in early April!

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