Event Terms & Conditions

Sea Cider’s terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Payment Timeline

  • 20% of Quote at the time of booking
  • 60% of Quote, twelve weeks before event
  • 20% (or remaining balance), four weeks before event

Booking Fee

The booking fee is required to secure the Event Date. It may be paid by credit card, debit, e-transfer, cheque or cash. If the Client pays by cheque, debit or cash, the Client must provide a valid credit card number to Sea Cider at the time of Event booking. The Client agrees that Sea Cider will keep credit card information on file to process payments when due.

Event Cancellation

If the Client cancels the Event: a) more than three months before the event, Sea Cider will retain the 50% of the booking fee; b) one to three months before the event, Sea Cider will retain 100% of the booking fee and 50% of the “12 week payment”; c) less than four weeks before the event, Sea Cider will retain 100% of the booking fee, 100% of the “12 week payment” and 50% of the “4 week payment”.

If Sea Cider cancels or changes the date of an Event: Sea Cider will offer alternative event options, dates, and logistics to support a successful Event. Each situation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Some costs may be non-transferable. Every effort will be made to provide reasonable notice to the Client of Event cancellation. Sea Cider will repay 100% of the payments received by the Client if an alternative date cannot be agreed to.

Number of People Attending an Event

Sea Cider requires confirmation of the number of people attending the Event at least two weeks before the Event date when the final payment is due. The Client will be billed for the last number of Event guests quoted, or the number in attendance, whichever is greater. The Client is responsible for ensuring that the number of people attending the Event does not exceed the applicable design occupancy loads, which are as follows:  The Tasting Room and Mezzanine: Up to 77 guests. Note that the Deck may accommodate additional guests with prior approval. The Pavilion: Up to 130 guests.

Structural and Licencing Changes

Sea Cider takes great care to ensure that the facilities on the Property are consistently operating within all licensing and regulations imposed by local government, Liquor Control and other regulatory bodies. The Client understands that the Event may be affected by licensing changes and structural changes that may occur after the time of booking. Should a licensing or structural change affect the Event, the Client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Sea Cider Ltd., 714866 Alberta Inc. from any liability associated with any structural or licencing changes.


Event parking areas are signed and consist of both gravel and grass surfaces. Loading zones for decorators and 3rd party suppliers are designated to ensure fire lanes and through lanes are not blocked. All arrangements for buses and over-sized vehicles (including limousines) must be approved at least one week in advance by a member of Sea Cider’s Event Team.

Parking for Event Guests and 3rd party suppliers is as follows: Thirty parking spaces for standard sized vehicles are reserved in the forest for event guests; Five parking spaces are reserved for 3rd party vendor vehicles; Over-sized vehicle loading and unloading zones are available for buses and limousines; In the interest of safe driving, guest vehicles may be left on the Property overnight until 11am the following day; however, Sea Cider is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen property.

Access and Arrival Times

Access and departure times are specified above; additional fees apply for earlier access times. Earlier access times may not be possible; these are determined on a case-by-case basis and must be agreed in writing.  Access times for 3rd party suppliers must also be confirmed at least one week in advance. 

Music and Noise

No loud or excessive noise is permitted on the Property. The Client as well as their guests and vendors must respect the Central Saanich noise bylaws and the neighbours’ right to peace and quiet, particularly in the evening hours. If there is a noise complaint from a neighbour, Sea Cider reserves the right to end the Event immediately and to charge the Client for any time associated with dealing with the complaint and any bylaw infraction fines. To avoid a noise complaint, the following rules apply: Event parking is located near the forest to avoid disturbing the neighbours during arrival and departure; Everyone is asked to leave quietly (no Grand Departures with yelling and whistling); Everyone is asked to follow all posted speed limit signs; No loitering is allowed outside after 9pm, other than in the designated smoking area; Music volume must comply with noise bylaws and must not disturb the neighbours; By 9:00 PM all amplified entertainment must be indoors with doors and windows closed; By 10:30 PM, all music and dancing must conclude; Entertainment suppliers (Bands, DJs, etc) not on Sea Cider’s Recommended Vendors List must meet on-site with a member of Sea Cider’s Event Team at least two weeks before the Event and must sign Sea Cider’s Entertainment Agreement; Percussion instruments are not permitted; Sea Cider reserves the right to turn down the entertainment if it is felt that the terms or spirit of this agreement are being breached, or there is the risk of a noise complaint.

Third Party Vendors and Suppliers

All arrangements for event decorations, officiating, entertainment, rentals, and catering must be approved in writing in advance by a member of Sea Cider’s Event Team. All Third Party vendors and suppliers to the Event must advise Sea Cider of any necessary requirements to execute the event at least one week before the Event. Sea Cider reserves the right to refuse event access or participation of any Third Party Vendor or Supplier if, in the opinion of Sea Cider Management, there is an undue risk of excessive noise, property damage or injury. All items to be delivered, picked up and stored must be pre-arranged with a member of Sea Cider’s Event Team. Sea Cider reserves the right to remove anyone from the property, including Third Party staff members or volunteers, if it is felt that they are not acting in accordance with the terms or spirit of this agreement.


All alcohol on the Property must be obtained and served in accordance with the Liquor Control and Licensing Act of British Columbia and applicable licences and endorsements on the Property, including Sea Cider’s Manufacturing Licence, Winery Lounge Endorsement, and/or a Special Event Permit (SEP) obtained by the Client. Government liquor regulations may unexpectedly change, which may impact alcohol service. At all times BC liquor regulations take precedence over signed Client contracts. No discounts or refunds will be issued if new regulations impact Event plans. Alcohol may only be served and consumed in licenced areas. Only Sea Cider staff who have Serving It Right Certificates may serve alcohol on the Property. To comply with liquor regulations, alcohol will be served at a rate not greater than one serving per guest per hour. Sea Cider Events include a cider tasting for event guests during a guided tour. Additional cider that the Client would like served at their Event must be purchased from Sea Cider, under the terms of a Special Event Permit or other licence (if applicable). Alcohol offered at the Event as a gift may not be consumed on the Property. Third Party vendors may not consume alcohol during the Event. In the Tasting Room only cider may be served.

Special Event Permit (SEP)

If the Client wants alcohol to be served and/or consumed in an unlicenced area on the Property (e.g. the Stumpery), a Special Event Permit must be obtained. The only alcohol the Client and/or their guests are permitted to bring onto the Property must be noted on their Special Event Permit. It is the Client’s responsibility to obtain an SEP; however, the Client may wish to transfer this responsibility to another person who is not planning on drinking alcohol at the Event. A copy of the SEP Transfer Authorization Form may be obtained from a member of Sea Cider’s Event Team. The SEP and the alcohol noted on the SEP must be provided to Sea Cider at least 24 hours prior to the Event (no earlier than 48 hours in advance and no later than 4 hours in advance). Unconsumed alcohol supplied by the Client per their SEP must be removed by the Client immediately following the Event or the next day during regular business hours. Sea Cider reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to anyone on the Property, including alcohol obtained under an SEP by the Client.

U-brew and U-vin beverages are permitted under an SEP subject to limitations set-out by Liquor Control.


All Event food, other than dessert, must be supplied by one of Sea Cider’s pre-approved Caterers. Dessert supplied by an outside vendor must be pre-approved in advance by a member of Sea Cider’s Events Team.

Floor Plans, Equipment and Decorations

Sea Cider staff are responsible for the setup and takedown of Sea Ciders equipment and supplies; i.e. tables, chairs, bar, etc. Sea Cider staff are not available to assist with decorating. The Client’s decor plan must be approved at least two weeks in advance by a member of Sea Cider’s Event Team. Any decor requiring a ladder must be done by a licensed decorator with liability insurance. Sea Cider reserves the right to refuse decorations during their installation for safety reasons or if they risk causing damage to the Property. Final Event floor plans must be approved by a member of Sea Cider’s Event Team at least two weeks before the Event. Access times to decorate are noted above and should be scheduled to coordinate with the arrival of the caterer and florist. Earlier access time must be approved at least two weeks in advance in writing; additional charges will apply.

Audio Visual

Sea Cider Events include our Sonos speakers in the Tasting Room and Pavilion, which are able to run music playlists via Sea Cider’s music streaming service. Other audio visual equipment, such as microphones and projectors, are not included, and their use must be approved in advance by Sea Cider’s Event Team.


Sea Cider Event Clients may book an on-site pre-event photoshoot. It must be confirmed at least one week in advance.  Photoshoots must not interfere with Sea Cider’s day-to-day operations. Pre-event photoshoots may not be scheduled in the Tasting Room before 5pm


Sea Cider is not responsible for items left on the Property before, during, or after the Event. This includes, among other things, beverages, gifts, clothing, electronics, sound equipment, etc. The Client and/or guests must make arrangements in advance with Sea Cider’s Event Team for the overnight storage of Client or guest belongings. An unlocked seacan container is available for overnight storage. Locked storage is not available, other than limited secure storage for alcohol if applicable. Sea Cider recommends that the Client takes gifts home the night of their Event.

Donated Items and Fundraisers

For Sponsored Events: donated items to be displayed at the Event must be approved by Sea Cider’s Event Team at least one week before the Event. Donated or gifted food or beverages may not be consumed on the Property. Gambling is not permitted without a license. Such licenses must be obtained by the Client at least two weeks before the Event and posted at the Event for inspection.

Smoking, Vaping and Cannabis

Smoking, including vaping and e-cigarettes, is only permitted in designated smoking areas. Due to the extreme risk of fire, smoking is prohibited in the forest and orchard; repeat offenders will be asked to leave the Property.  The use of cannabis is prohibited on the Property.

Pets and other Animals

Dogs on leash are welcome in outdoor spaces at Sea Cider Events. Larger animals, such as horses, are welcome in certain areas provided they are accompanied at all times by a handler who provides them with adequate food and water and cleans up after them.

Damage and Non-Compliance with these Terms

The Client is responsible for paying for any damage to the Property or equipment caused by the Client or guests or any third party vendors. Any costs associated with theft or damage will be charged to the Client’s credit card on file. During the Event, Clients and their guests who breach any term described in this Agreement will receive a warning. Upon the second breach, the Client and their guest(s) may be required to leave the Property before the end of the Event. Sea Cider reserves the right to end the Event early if the Client and their guests are not in compliance with Sea Cider’s Terms and Conditions. If there is a noise complaint from a neighbour during the Event, Sea Cider reserves the right to end the Event immediately.

Waiver of Liability

Sea Cider takes great care to ensure that the Property and facilities are maintained and operated in a safe manner. However, due to the nature of the farm, there are inherent risks and hazards at Sea Cider. In consideration for the use of the Property as described herein, the Client, and all other persons granted access to the Property for the Event, agree to accept those risks upon themselves, and to hold harmless and indemnify Sea Cider Ltd., 714866 Alberta Inc., and their shareholders and staff from any and all liability in the case of an accident or incident causing harm, injury, or loss, and to waive any and all claims against Sea Cider Ltd., 714866 Alberta Inc., their shareholders and staff resulting from any such accident or incident.