For Wwoofers

Sea Cider welcomes short-term volunteers from around the world to experience what it’s like to work and live on a cider farm.  Year round we welcome  help from hard-working, enthusiastic self-starters.  In exchange for room and board, you’ll get hands-on experience in everything from organic apple growing to cidermaking. 

Several organizations help to link farm volunteers with host farms.  Two we work with are Wwoof Canada and Global Lifestyles.

Click here for more info on Wwoof Canada.

Click here for more info on Global Lifestyles.

Think you have what it takes to volunteer at Sea Cider? Click here for more info.

Currently open 11 am to 4 pm Wednesday through Sunday (and most holidays)
2487 Mt. St. Michael Rd., Saanichton, BC V8M 1T7
Phone (250) 544-4824 or email | Event inquiries: